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Your homes need some fixing here and there, and you try your best to keep up and have them all attended to one by one. But you’re not exactly an expert in odd jobs and you could only do so much! Perhaps it’s time to take advantage of good handyman service and hire an expert to handle the job for you. Conveniently located in Honolulu you can easily hire the services of Optimus Handyman when you give us a call! Our services would surely give you the benefits that you deserve.

Acquiring the help of a competent handyman brings convenience, comfort, and cost-effectiveness that you will hardly achieve when you decide to handle all the odd jobs for your home. A skilled professional has the experience to handle almost every type of odd job found inside your household. From a leaking faucet to painting your fence, they could deliver a quality output through and through. They possess the right tools and materials, and they perform each job with accuracy and efficiency.

A handyman offers a wide array of services, and they are quite flexible when doing their job. Most of them could handle emergency situations, and they would be able to come up with a resolution to your odd jobs the right way. They need little to no supervision so you could continue with your daily activities and still come home to a functional and more improved home. They work fast and on schedule, and you’re stress-free, a total win for you.

We provide excellent services, and you could trust us for different types of jobs found in your household.

Jeremiah P
Jeremiah P
Great experience with Sam of Optimus Handyman! I needed to put a dry wall up while expanding a closet near by. I also needed to move around a lot of electrical outlets. Being new to the area, I relied on the excellent reviews online and called on Sam. Most of my communication was on the phone or through messages (easiest for me). Sam always responded quickly & was friendly and easy to work with. Per my request, Sam was even able to re-schedule the job sooner than later, which I appreciated! Sam arrived promptly at my home, was professional & thoughtful about the work. Over all did a great job and cleaned up! I appreciated his honesty throughout the project. I'm very happy with the completed job & it was done within the estimated time. I will definitely use them again for future projects in my home.
Eri M
Eri M
Sam did our kitchen, floor, and walls and other jobs for the past year. He is reliable, does his job he promised on time, honest and goes beyond what you expect. He is very respectful and makes sure we are in clear communications through phone calls, text messaging and sending photos. We love him!
Sam was excellent to work with! He was responsive and on time! He came and hung up some curtains we had purchased that needed to be anchored into cement and he knocked it out in a breeze! Very polite and very professional. Would definitely recommend 👍

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