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Do you have a drywall repair or drywall installation project in Honolulu? .. you’re at the right place, at the right time. While Drywall/Sheetrock is actually not the weakest material you can find in your house, it can be dented, chipped, or punctured in everyday use. It could be because of the doorknob hitting the wall hard enough or due to other reasons.

There are many drywall repair kits available on the internet, but they are very tricky to understand and if done incorrectly, can leave your wall looking worse than it was before. More importantly, joints in the drywall and using the proper kinds of adhesive and joint compounds may not be available with the kit and the end result will not be like the original one.

There are also many reasons why your drywall in Honolulu may need repairing or replacement. Some of these reasons are:

Physical trauma to the drywall from a heavy object
Damage caused by moisture
Damage caused by floods
Wear and tear over time
Damage done by kids
Drywall anchor holes
Cracks from settling
Crown Molding Installation & Repair

Drywall maintenance and repair in Honolulu is very important, regularly; if you have any drywall repairs needed, Optimus Handyman is the drywall contractor that is always ready to do the heavy lifting for you and will get it repaired in no time.

Drywall repairs aren’t only about fixing the problem at hand; it’s about identifying what caused it to become broken (unless there has been physical trauma to the wall) and helping resolve the issue.

When you have a leak in your home, it can be a very stressful time, as you don’t know where the leak is coming from, how bad the damage is, or what you can do to stop it.

But if you know a great drywall installation company in Honolulu that can repair the leak, it can make all the difference.

Optimus Handyman has over 20 years of experience in drywall installation services in Honolulu and specializes in repairing drywall, sheetrock, and other common issues.

Jeremiah P
Jeremiah P
Great experience with Sam of Optimus Handyman! I needed to put a dry wall up while expanding a closet near by. I also needed to move around a lot of electrical outlets. Being new to the area, I relied on the excellent reviews online and called on Sam. Most of my communication was on the phone or through messages (easiest for me). Sam always responded quickly & was friendly and easy to work with. Per my request, Sam was even able to re-schedule the job sooner than later, which I appreciated! Sam arrived promptly at my home, was professional & thoughtful about the work. Over all did a great job and cleaned up! I appreciated his honesty throughout the project. I'm very happy with the completed job & it was done within the estimated time. I will definitely use them again for future projects in my home.
Eri M
Eri M
Sam did our kitchen, floor, and walls and other jobs for the past year. He is reliable, does his job he promised on time, honest and goes beyond what you expect. He is very respectful and makes sure we are in clear communications through phone calls, text messaging and sending photos. We love him!
Sam was excellent to work with! He was responsive and on time! He came and hung up some curtains we had purchased that needed to be anchored into cement and he knocked it out in a breeze! Very polite and very professional. Would definitely recommend 👍

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